Retiro Bufo Alvarius Tenerife
June 29, 2019 @ 12:00 – 18:00
Santa Cruz
Esther Siverio
+34 620542073

Retreat Sapo Bufo Alvarius

Tenerife 28-29 Jun

Where:Santa Cruz of Tenerife



On June 28 Friday (20.00-23.00)  we are offering the Inipi-Temazcal (ancestral purification bath)

On June 29: Smoke Bufo A. (12.00-18)

Other medicines that will be part in the retreat: Sananga and Rapé


If you arrive on June 28 to attend the temazcal, we can accommodate in shared double rooms.


It is highly recommended to start a diet as soon as possible. Please write to us to send it to you by email. In the retreat, we will serve vegan food.

Note: Do not consume Marijuana, hashish, cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol at least 7 days before the Bufo Alvarius.

Number of seats: 10

We recommend to bring you for this experience the following :

Mat and blanket.
1 sheet
Comfortable natural fibre clothing of light colours. Women are recommended to wear skirts.
Note: Do not use nail polish, chemical makeup and perfume.
What to bring for the temazcal

-Men: pareo, towel, beach sandal, lantern.

-Women: dress or skirt of natural fibres or pareo, handkerchief, beach sandals, towel, flashlight. (no shorts)

Note: It is recommended to learn a simple song. There are many that you can find on YouTube looking for temazcal songs.

Note: Avoid alcohol consumption 2 days before attending temazcal

Guide: Esther Siverio

Inipis-Temazcales Guide
Holistic therapist.
Woman Medicine San Pedro and Bufo Alvarius.
Leader of the Vision Search Tenerife
Meditation Retreat Guide
Guide to Rites and ancestral rituals.

Prices: on the phone +34 620 542 073


Retiro Bufo Alvarius Tenerife

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