Bufo alvarius Spain
September 14, 2019 @ 19:00 – September 15, 2019 @ 20:00
Candelaria. Tenerife
Esther Tritana

Hello hearts of Light,

We are advancing. And I feel privileged. The joy, the one that when I close my eyes and see myself smiling is what my heart values. I thank myself and I don’t fly because I don’t have wings. But I feel a bird. I close my eyes again and see a small circle of races, of countries, approaching their minds and then leaving and implanting a new Thought in their society. I already see parents who are educating their children with the seeds of the new identity of what we are really. And although many of us intuit that everything will go to hell, maybe this planet or its humanity, on the other side of the bridge of death, are the benefits of everything I did on Earth. And I hope that when I leave, I have left all the homework finished. Infinite thanks to so much knowledge that has come to me through hundreds of ways. Thanks to this current phase of continuing with my loving Temazcal and Bufo Alvarius medicine, the frog that wants my people in Europe to jump like him.

Thank you

Weekend retreat

  • Saturday, September 14:

Temazcal + light dinner + accommodation

  • Sunday, September 15:

Breakfast + Bufo Alvarius session + lunch-dinner

Sananga and Rape Medicines is optional (included)

End: 20.00pm

Diet: The recipes will be vegan and alkaline.

Contribution: via telephone +34620542073

email: ceremoniaparaelespiritu@hotmail.com

Guide: Esther Siverio. Temazcalera experienced with more than a decade guiding them. Medicine woman.  Holistic therapist, guide for vision Quests, rites and ancestral ceremonies. A Writer

Temazcal songs: It is very important to learn a song that you can easily find on YouTube. Cheer up!!!

What to bring for the temazcal:
Women: natural fibre dress or skirt, Biquini o swimming dress. Towel, sandals, flashlight and handkerchief. Sun hat. You can change in the place.
Men: pareo or beach shorts. Sandals, towel, flashlight.

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