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San Pedro Ceremonies 2019


DATES: 2019

  • January 6: San Pedro, Rape + accommodation. Granadilla de Abona
  • March 19 -20 : San Pedro + accommodation. Granadilla de Abona
  • June 22 : San Pedro, Rape + Accommodation+ meal . Candelaria
  • August 30-31 : Cactus Ceremonia San Pedro, live DJ music+ accommodation + meals (dinner and breakfast)

Diet before attending San Pedro:
It is highly recommended to start a diet as soon as possible. Please write to us to send it to you by email.

Refrain from consuming Marijuana, hashish……etc. People with alcohol adiction try to stop at least 1 o 2 days earlier

If you are under psychiatric or psychological treatment or with any medication psychotic prescription, you must specify them and talk to the guide of this retreat Esther Siverio. At least 1 month before the ceremony.

Note: For people with addictions can opt for an individual ceremony .

We recommend to bring for this experience with the following tools:

  • Insulator/yoga mat and a blanket.
  • Comfortable natural fibre clothing and light colours.
  • Women are recommended to wear skirts.
    Note: Do not use nail polish, chemical makeup and perfume.


Woman Medicine: Esther Siverio. She guides Inipis-Temazcales, Holistic therapists, San Pedro and facilitator for sessions with Bufo Alvarius.
Leader of the Vision Quest in Tenerife Meditations, Rites and ancestral rituals guide. Writer

Booking and Cost via phone: +34 620542073 Thanks

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